About Our Rings

““Mystery setting” patented by Van Cleef and Arpels in 1933, but originally developed by the French in the middle of the 19th century, is a method of setting diamonds that creates an array of stones that seem to float seamlessly as one piece. Unfortunately for the sake of time and cost savings, today’s version called, Invisible setting is mass produced in an assembly line process forsaking the artistry for profit. With this type mass produced jewelry stones frequently become loose and eventually, lost. At Fairy Tale Diamonds we’ve combined the over century old design with today’s technology resulting in pieces with the look of a much larger carat weight at an attainable price while eliminated the threat of stone loss. How do we do it? With our proprietary Forever Lock™ of setting. First, every diamond is hand sorted to be matched in color and clarity and painstakingly measured to ensure that every stone is perfectly matched with the other, leaving no gaps. Then, artisan diamond cutters work closely with master setters to prepare each stone to be pressure fit into specifically formed walls that snap into the grooves of each stone. The perimeter of the entire setting is secured by a frame of precious metal. Every step is double checked along the way to ensure that every stone fits perfectly and the final piece is flawlessly manufactured and the diamonds are Forever Locked™.

At Fairy Tale Diamonds, we believe we are honoring the traditional bespoke method of seamless setting developed by our predecessors so long ago by making what is to become a family heirloom that will be passed on for generations.


Features & Benefits

  • Proprietary “Forever Lock” set diamonds
  • Hand matched and calibrated diamonds
  • Secured in a frame of precious gold
  • Guarantee against stone loss
  • Exclusive Scrolling heart filigree back & crown stamp
  • Carriage ring box embellished with Austrian crystals


About Forever Lock™

Forever Lock™ is the combination cutting edge technology with an over a century old design. The result is multiple stones set to appear as one giving the look of a much larger carat weight at an attainable price while eliminating the threat of stone loss. It’s a multi-step patented process starting with diamonds hand matched and calibrated and finished with a frame of precious metal Forever Locking the diamonds into place. At Fairy Tale Diamonds we believe in love and we believe every bride should love her ring.